Corporate responsibility

Our Sustainability Commitment

Acting responsibly is a key objective for us and is part of the self-understanding of cooperative institutions. With our Sustainability Commitment, we would like to give our customers and business partners a binding commitment regarding DZ BANK's engagement in sustainability and underline the level of ambition we are striving for.

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  • Bank values

    Bank values

    Operating our business in a responsible way is a value that is deeply rooted in our corporate identity. It guides our risk management approach and our actions in the different areas of sustainable banking.

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  • Customer satisfaction at DZ BANK

    Identifying and meeting needs:

    Customer satisfaction at DZ BANK

    DZ BANK conducts regular surveys and dialog events and has quality management procedures in place to ensure that cooperative banks, institutional clients, and corporate customers are satisfied with our service.

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  • Sustainable financing products at DZ BANK

    Future-oriented investments:

    Sustainable financing products at DZ BANK

    Through our sustainable financing products, we take account of environmental, social, and ethical criteria in our investment decisions. This enables us to promote the sustainable development of our society and a responsible use of limited resources in a targeted way.

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  • Susstainable lending

    Taking a stand:

    Sustainable lending processes

    DZ BANK is conscious of its responsibility toward its workforce, society, and the environment, and of its duty to ensure good governance. We use a uniform group-wide procedure for sustainable lending which is based on an extensive catalog of criteria.

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  • Sustainability research

    Sustainability as an investment topic:

    Our holistic sustainability research approach

    Sustainability-related aspects of investments and product portfolios are gaining in importance as a result of growing customer demand and tightening regulation. Our DZ BANK Research team takes both expected returns and sustainability criteria into account in its analyses.

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  • Stability and sustainability awareness

    Stable and successful:

    The DZ BANK Group and its position on sustainability

    For some years now, the DZ BANK Group has been one of the leading financial institutions in terms of sustainability, as regularly evidenced by our performance in sustainability ratings of various rating agencies.

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  • Cooperative values

    Cooperative values

    One in four people in Germany is a member of a cooperative organization and therefore part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The power of the many is the underlying principle of our philosophy of ‘strength in numbers’.

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  • Sustainable partnerships

    Cooperative banks up close:

    Sustainable partnerships

    Many local cooperative banks support sustainability-oriented projects such as social or environmental initiatives. Find out about the campaign by Raiffeisenbank Obermain Nord, a local cooperative bank that offers free bowel cancer screenings to its employees.

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  • Cooperrative financial network

    Real community spirit:

    The Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network

    The Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network is a unique group of strong finance companies. No matter what your financial plans may involve, we have an expert who can help you.

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  • Cooperative banking

    Tailored financial solutions from a single source:

    A textbook example of successful cooperation

    For DZ BANK as a one-stop financial services provider, cooperative banking means treating our partners as equals and forming collaborative relationships.

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  • Cooperative principle

    Achieving more together:

    A humble idea becomes part of the world’s cultural heritage

    In March 2018, we commemorated the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. Through his actions and his pursuit of the cooperative principle, he was able to improve the lives and economic circumstances of people in a tangible way. In 2016, UNESCO honored the lasting impact of his idea.

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  • Employee values

    Employee values

    Treating one another in an open, fair, and respectful way is a key prerequisite for successful long-term cooperation, which is why we at DZ BANK invest in an environment where everyone feels valued.

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  • Cultural Fit

    Shaping the future together:

    Examples of our corporate culture at DZ BANK

    At DZ BANK, we care about our core values but also about the needs and wishes of the next generation. Young people who join our workforce grow with us and identify with our values. But they also help us to grow, thanks to the personal initiative and flexibility that they bring to the company.

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  • Social security and quality of life

    Investing in high quality of life:

    Benefits for our employees

    We take responsibility for the social security of our employees. Get an overview of the payments, allowances, insurance benefits, and extra services that we provide to our staff.

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  • Health management and safety at work

    Seeing the bigger picture:

    Health management at DZ BANK

    Employees’ well-being and their ability to perform are closely correlated. Our employee health program covers a broad range of aspects and includes services such as mental health support for difficult phases of life, prevention courses, and attractive company sports activities. The bank supports 49 company sports groups with funds and the necessary infrastructure. Our DZ BANK Runners are a great example.

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  • Balancing work and family life

    A concept for life:

    Career models that work for families

    As an employer, it is important for DZ BANK to promote working conditions that are compatible with our employees’ family life. We therefore offer employees a variety of choices such as an inhouse nursery, flexible working time schemes, and extended parental leave arrangements.

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  • Mentoring

    Learning from co-workers:

    Mentoring – a two-way process based on respect

    At DZ BANK, the employees acting as mentors for trainees strive to give them the best possible start to their career. And under a reverse mentoring scheme, managers benefit from the skills of their younger, more tech-savvy co-workers.

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  • Social values

    Social values

    DZ BANK takes its responsibility toward society very seriously and exercises this responsibility in a number of different ways. All of our social engagement is founded on the core cooperative principles of self-reliance, autonomy, and personal responsibility.

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  • Corporate Volunteering

    Making an impact through engagement:

    Corporate volunteering activities of our employees

    DZ BANK supports the engagement of its employees in charitable activities through various campaigns. For example, we have been cooperating with the JOBLINGE initiative since 2013. This program helps young people from difficult backgrounds to find their way into the world of work.

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  • Promotion of arts

    Engagement as a tradition:

    Promotion of the arts at DZ BANK

    Art has always played an important role at DZ BANK. The DZ BANK art collection has been making contemporary photography accessible for everyone for more than 20 years. DZ BANK also maintains partnerships with the Städel Museum for example.

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  • Donations

    Promote, support, contribute:

    Projects sponsored by DZ BANK

    DZ BANK makes charitable donations to a variety of projects, primarily in the areas of science, education, social engagement, arts, and culture. Another focus area is the promotion of Frankfurt as a business hub.

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  • Environmental values

    Environmental values

    Environmental protection matters greatly to DZ BANK. We want to use natural resources as efficiently as possible in our operations and we have adopted one single climate strategy for the whole DZ BANK Group.

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  • Greening our business

    Carbon footprint, ECOPROFIT, and eco-friendly transport:

    Environmental measures at our offices

    Sustainability is not only a feature of DZ BANK’s core business. We also try to minimize our impact on the environment at our offices.

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  • Wir gehen mit gutem Beispiel voran:

    Die Klimastrategie der DZ BANK Gruppe

    Die Unternehmen der DZ BANK Gruppe verpflichten sich bis spätestens 2045 klimaneutral zu sein. Ausgehend vom Basisjahr 2009 sollen zudem bis 2030 bereits 65 Prozent der Treibhausgase eingespart werden. Dieses konzernweite Mindestziel haben sich die Gruppenunternehmen in einer gemeinsamen Klimastrategie gegeben.

  • Supplier management

    Ensuring the highest environmental and social standards:

    Supplier management at DZ BANK

    All suppliers of the DZ BANK Group must meet the wide range of requirements specified in our sustainability agreement. These requirements address human rights, the fight against corruption, equality of opportunities, environmental protection, and many other issues.

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