A view on the skyline of Manhattan, New York City, where the DZ BANK branch is located

DZ BANK New York

Welcome to New York City

For nearly 50 years DZ BANK New York has been an active banking partner in North America, providing U.S financial markets access to its member banks and corporate clients. 

Additionally, we serve as an investment outlet for asset managers, sovereigns and institutional clients who seek a highly rated financial institution to place funds with and transact structured credit.

Carl Amendola, general manager of DZ BANK’s branch in New York City

Carl Amendola

General Manager

One Vanderbilt Ave, Floor 49

New York, NY 10017



50 years of experience in the U.S. financial market, cross-border expertise and real human connection with our clients - this is what makes us ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Find out more about our principles, importance of our employees and how we shape mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

You want a strong future? Let‘s create it together!

Typo is Future Strong


Find out how DZ BANK wants to shape tomorrow's success - with focus on our clients and new talents on our mind.

Our Products & Services

Located in the world’s financial capital, our banking expertise includes Financial & Capital Markets, Asset Securitization, Project Finance, as well as Trade & Commodities Financing.


Our Treasury division manages liquidity, securities investments and client hedging products.

Project Finance

We provide long-term project financing in the energy, infrastructure & industrial markets.

Asset Securitization

We use securitization to help clients access capital markets and secure financing via asset-based lending.

Structured Trade Finance

We specialize in export and import financing, short-term trade loans including supply chain financings and trade finance for commodity traders.

A young couple, shaking hands over the table with their bank advisor, on the table paperwork that indicates an important banking service

International Corporates / German Desk

Our focus is on supporting German corporate clients through the provision of working capital facilities, term loans and letters of credit.

Financial Institutions

Capital markets banking relationships experts represent DZ BANK Group to top tier U.S. & Canadian banks with a focus on supporting DZ BANK in EUR issuance.

3 Questions to Carl Amendola

We asked Carl Amendola, General Manager of our DZ BANK New York Branch, for a few insights about his customers, business and the expertise of his team.

The office of the DZ BANK New York branch: a corridor boasting DZ BANK’s logo and word mark in brand colors on the wall. It leads to a conference room, through the window the Manhattan skyline can be seen.
A conference room in the office of the DZ BANK New York branch, the large windows allow an impressive view on the Manhattan skyline.

Who uses your services and expertise?

DZ BANK New York provides access to the U.S. financial markets for its partner institutions and for U.S. and German corporate clients, as well as an outlet for investment for U.S. based asset managers, sovereigns and corporates who seek a highly rated financial institution to place funds with and transact structured loans.

What are crucial factors for a successful venture into the North American market?

A mutually beneficial client/bank relationship is based on clear communication, trust, transparency, personalized services, and a focus on long-term goals. By capitalizing on these attributes and successfully combining German and American corporate cultures, DZ BANK New York provides a unique value proposition offering tailored solutions while maintaining a high level of integrity.

A portrait of Carl Amendola, General Manager of the DZ BANK New York branch

Together with our clients and partners, we build financial bridges to unlock success and empower our future.

Carl Amendola

As DZ BANK, we are, act and advise according to our catchphrase FUTURE | STRONG.
How does our key objective come into play in your day-to-day business?

"Future strong" requires building resilience, adaptability, and growth in anticipation of upcoming challenges and opportunities. To thrive in the dynamic U.S. financial landscape, DZ BANK New York embraces innovation, customer-centric approaches and robust risk management while building a strong and highly skilled workforce that can carry the organization forward delivering value to customers and stakeholders.

Join DZ BANK New York and let your career reach new heights

Become part of our dynamic team, where German cooperative banking values meet the American 'can-do' spirit in a culture of growth and partnership.

Internship Program:
Step into the world of finance with an internship at DZ BANK. Learn, grow, and gain hands-on experience in the financial capital New York. Your future starts here!

Denise Ott, Head of HR, DZ BANK London branch

Job opportunities worldwide

Are you looking for new professional challenges or an inspirational internship in one of our international branches? We are always on the lookout for new and proven talent. Check out our job offers in our international network.


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