Plants growing on high-rise building walls: “Living facades” are a common sight in DZ BANK location Singapore.

You want a strong future? Let's create it together!

As one of Germany's leading banks, DZ BANK leverages 150 years of experience to innovate and co-create tomorrow's opportunities for and with our clients.

One of our particulars strengths lies in our international network, combining our local and global expertise into a robust foundation for our clients' FUTURE | STRONG endeavors. Our international network is designed to address our clients' needs not only at their starting point, but also meeting them where they intent to go – in exciting markets and growth regions worldwide.

Accompanying clients and partners towards tomorrow

What does it mean to shape the future in our location in the relevant markets, in our daily work with partners and customers? It means working with our clients on paving the way for sustainable growth and success by offering forwarding-thinking consultancy and tailor-made financial solutions. We bring the future of banking into the now, whether it be Blockchain, cloud-based technologies or Artificial Intelligence.

FUTURE | STRONG with DZ BANK Frankfurt am Main

Souâd Benkredda, Member of the Board, at DZ BANK responsible for Capital Markets

I try to get myself ready for the future by listening to others. It is very important to be open and to do things differently.

Souâd Benkredda, Board Member

Being responsible for international business, board member Souâd Benkredda explains what she believes is important in international business and the meaning of FUTURE | STRONG. She shares experiences that have shaped her personally.

She also focuses on the particular strengths of the cooperative network, the unique combination of regional proximity and global expertise as well as our comprehensive know-how in the area of ESG.

FUTURE | STRONG with DZ BANK Singapore

Martin Wehling, General Manager of DZ BANK Singapore

I never chose the easiest way because friction provides the energy to be creative and think about new ideas.

Martin Wehling, General Manager DZ BANK Singapore

As the general manager of DZ BANK Singapore, Martin Wehling explains why tension spurs growth and progress – and why this makes Singapore an exciting marketplace to be in, now and in the future. A fast-growing region, excelling in fields such as sustainability, FinTech or Health Tech, the Asian city state draws benefits from its diversity and unique position. A position that, in Martin Wehling's experience, offers DZ BANK and its clients countless opportunities.


Carl Amendola, General Manager of DZ BANK New York

The term FUTURE | STRONG to me is about growing. It's about connectivity with people. It's important to have real human connection and relatability.

Carl Amendola, General Manager DZ BANK New York

50 years of experience in the U.S. financial market, cross-border expertise and real human connection with our clients – this is what makes us ready for tomorrow's challenges. Carl Amendola, General Manager of DZ BANK New York, talks about our principles, the importance of our employees and how we shape mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

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Two women in business attire confering

Welcome to the DZ BANK international network

With 10 international branches and representative offices as well as a network of cooperation partners, DZ BANK supports your international business with solutions for your import and export business both at home and abroad. We strive to support companies as financial partners on a sustainable basis and in a spirit of partnership.