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Your career at DZ BANK

Who we are

DZ BANK is the central institution of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network and the central bank for more than 700 cooperative banks in Germany, in which it holds a majority interest. In addition, it serves companies and institutions as a commercial bank, with numerous locations in Germany and abroad.

Where could you be working?

London, New York City, Hong Kong, Singapore – or Frankfurt am Main, not to mention further offices of our extensive international network: DZ BANK offers many opportunities for people from all levels of professional experience. If you are interested in joining one of our teams, we invite you to browse through our location portraits. Have a look at our network and decide for yourself: Where will your career path take you?

General questions about working at DZ BANK?

If you are looking for general information on DZ BANK as an employer, from our philosophy to multinational options, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with further information or assist you in finding the right contact person.

Why commitment makes us who we are

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Our history

DZ BANK’s roots lie in the cooperative movement of the mid 1800’s. “What one cannot do alone, many can do together”: These words of one of the founding fathers of the cooperative system, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, are still relevant today. Working together towards a common goal, no matter who is at the forefront, forms the core of the cooperative idea and is one of the principles that we still follow.

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Our values

Partnership-oriented, consistent, innovative, courageous, cosmopolitan, capable, safe, and sustainable. This is the attitude that guides us as a bank and a team, and it also informs our concept as an employer. At DZ BANK, we shape success together – the more diverse the team for our endeavor, the better.

DZ BANK sees supporting companies on their way to more sustainability as one of our responsibilities, such as here: two engineers checking up on a wind and solar farm


Acting responsibly is deeply engrained in the DNA of our banking institution and is highly relevant for us in numerous areas. As a bank, we have a particular responsibility for the well-being of our society. A task that goes well with our founding principles and attitude.

Learn more about DZ BANK

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