History of DZ BANK

What one cannot do alone, many can do together.

Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen

This quote from one of the founding fathers of the cooperative system, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, is still relevant today. Working together towards a common goal, no matter who is at the forefront, forms the core of the cooperative idea and is one of the principles that we still follow.  We inform you about the founding period of our predecessor institutions and our eventful history in an interactive journey through time as well as in detail in the text.

Cooperative values

Help for self-help; entrepreneurial responsibility in the region; standing together in difficult times: from the outset cooperative values helped foster a positive attitude among the public to the cooperative banks which still exists today. For around 150 years these values have contributed to the promotion of cooperative members’ economic interests – and today serve as a basis for future strategies in our cooperative financial network. Their history is described in detail in a recently published book.

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