Research - a look behind the scenes

Who is the person behind the analysis?

What drives her or him?

How do our analysts and economists experience their working day?

We take a look behind the scenes.

This isn't about Chinese Walls or inside information.

It's about team spirit, about togetherness, about taking a different look at our working world and our everyday lives.

It's about having fun once in a while, laughing together and taking a deep breath together.

And then to start again with new momentum, to give the best, for our customers and for us.

In our free time

we pursue 27 different hobbies, such as reading, singing, painting, football, yoga, golf, tennis, dancing, mountain biking, cooking, hiking, sewing, cycling, mini-golf, jogging, playing music, travelling, theatre, film, culture...

38 colleagues are involved in voluntary work,

for example, as language trainers for refugees and football coaches,

as parents' representatives and on the committees of non-profit associations,

in local politics and as networkers

Our sporty employees

cover a distance of between 500 metres on foot

and 40 km on bike each way to work